What Parents are saying …..

Thank you very much for the wonderful experience in my daughter’s first dentist visit. I know she is more challenging but you were very caring and patient and she had a great time. You all are a great team. Thank you.

— Paloma D.

Dr. Ledig is the best dentist I have ever met. She is very passionate with her job. She is very patient and knows exactly how to calm a child. Her office environment is so welcoming to children. The staff is great. Because of a previous bad experience my son had with another dentist, Dr. Ledig showed no frustration when my son couldn’t keep still & kept crying on his first visit. She knew exactly what to do and what to say to calm him down. Next appointments after that, my son trusted her so much, he was no longer scared. If you are looking for a great dentist with a great dental environment for your child/children, I highly recommend her. You will not regret it. I guarantee it.

— Darlene K.

A while back, Anthony T recommended Itsy Bitsy Dental in Bloomfield. Since I trust him, I decided to give it a shot. My son had his first spot there and I was very impressed. My son is not very trusting and the dentist was very slow and gentle with him. By the end of the appt, my son felt proud of himself and strutted out saying, “mommy, I went to the dentist and everything is good!” Itsy Bitsy Dental is good.

— Sarvenaz S.

Thank you so much for making our first visit a success. Vander has actually been more interested in brushing since then.

— Loren T.

My son loved this place. It was his first visit there. Dr. Ledig and her staff were amazing. He left there the same way he came… With a smile!

— Kizzymel C.

We had a great first visit with my daughter recently. I was nervous about how she would be for her first time, but she just clicked with Dr Pam. She had sunglasses to put on, was totally relaxed, and listened. Definitely recommend.

— Anthony T.
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