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What Sets Us Apart!

At Itsy Bitsy Dental, our goal is to have your children feel happy about coming to the dentist and teach you as well as them how to take care of their teeth. Your child has unique needs, and our office offers a state of the art technology that helps us meet those needs. As soon as you walk in, you will meet our friendly staff who will make your child feel comfortable.

We focus on prevention of tooth decay, and early detection and treatment of dental diseases. Our office stays up to date with the latest advances in dentistry, so that your child can receive the best treatment. Establishing a dental home routine will provide you with the tools to maintain good oral health that will keep your child free from tooth decay.

Positive experiences with the dentist will promote a relationship of trust with the dentist that will last a lifetime!

Here are some of the features that sets us apart:

  • Dr. Pam is a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist. Similar to a Pediatrician, her training and expertise focuses 100% on children.
  • Our Office allows and encourages parents to accompany their child throughout the entire dental visit including during treatment. Our treatment areas create friendly comfortable space for the accompanying parents.
  • Dr. Pam incorporates the Tell-Show-Do technique which uses age appropriate communication skills (verbal and nonverbal) and positive reinforcement. The objective of this technique is to teach the child important aspects of the dental visit and familiarize the child with the dental setting. It also shapes the patient’s response to procedures through desensitization and well-described expectations.
  • Our Office ensures that you receive the time and attention you and your child deserves.
  • Our Office is newly built and equipped with advanced technology. We use digital X-rays and high quality dental materials available for the most effective long term result.
  • For your child’s comfort, we provide a variety of dental treatments that are comfortable, safe and effective such as Topical Anesthesia, Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) among others.
  • Our Office works hard to ensure your child has a positive experience. We have Televisions in the ceiling that show family friendly shows and movies to entertain and distract patients. Children also get to visit our Treasure Chest for a reward for a job well done.
  • We offer convenient financing options for treatment for Patients without Insurance.